Lightroom Presets

PixelPeeper lets you turn JPG images into Lightroom presets. Discover secrets of your favorite photographers.

PixelPeeper can reverse-engineer Lightroom edits and camera settings (EXIF data) from JPG files. This allows you to find out how your favorite photographers edit their photos.

Those edits can be saved as Lightroom presets and applied to your own photos!

Download Lightroom Presets

Want to see how it works? Try out our free Lightroom presets: download them, import to Lightroom and try them out on your own photos.

The images above are just plain JPG files with metadata. This means that you can get similar results for any JPG image exported from Lightroom, provided that it includes metadata.

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What is a Lightroom Preset?

A Lightroom preset is a pre-configured set of adjustments and settings in Adobe Lightroom, a popular photo editing software. These presets are designed to apply specific stylistic effects or enhancements to an image with a single click. By using presets, photographers can achieve a consistent look across their photos, streamline their editing workflow, and save time by applying predefined adjustments instead of manually adjusting each setting. Presets can be created by the user or downloaded from various sources, and they can be customized to suit individual preferences or specific editing needs.

Presets can be a great starting point and a huge time-saver, but keep in mind, that you‘ll always need to make your own adjustments.

Usually, presets are made to be generic, but they always reflect the style of shooting of the person who created them. Some people like to underexpose their photos and then bump up the exposure in Lightroom, others will do the opposite. Presets will always have a hard-coded preference towards skin tones, color palette, contrast etc.

All of that may not work for your own style of shooting, for the weather conditions you‘re shooting in (like, trying to recreate the look made for California Sun in Norway or New York City). No matter how great the preset looks in demo pictures, you should always strive for your own look.

That‘s why it‘s better to learn the underlying principles behind the presets: why do I like this look? How can I recreate it on my own?

PixelPeeper helps you learn photo editing by allowing you to reverse-engineer edits from JPG files. Simply grab a JPG file and see what edits were made to it.

Turn JPG Files into Lightroom Presets

With PixelPeeper, you can turn any JPG file with metadata into a XMP/DNG preset that you can apply to your own photos.

download preset screenshot

When you find a photo with metadata, you can download it as a preset, import it to Lightroom and apply to your own photos.

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Lightroom Mobile Presets (DNG)

With PixelPeeper, you can create presets for the free Lightroom mobile version (without Creative Cloud subscription). PixelPeeper can generate a dummy DNG file that you can use as a preset in Lightroom for mobile.

Download DNG file, import it to Lightroom for mobile and copy settings to your photos.

Find out more here: Lightroom Mobile Presets.

Lightroom Preset Finder

If you need to find out which preset was used on the given photo, our Preset Finder feature will help you.

preset finder screenshot

Whether you want to know which presets other photographers use or you‘d simply like to know which one of your own presets you used in the past on the given photo, Preset Finder has you covered.

Upload your presets to PixelPeeper and drop a JPG image. Preset Finder will:

  • scan all your presets
  • show you which ones match the settings in JPG (ordered by confidence score).

See also: Frequently Asked Questions.

Create your own Lightroom Presets

Whether you want your own lightroom presets for your photography business, or for your instagram feed, PixelPeeper can be a great way to help you learn to create any look you want.