Lightroom Preset Finder

Want to find out which Lightroom preset was used on the given photo? Preset Finder aims to help you with that.

Simply upload the presets you want to compare against and next time you check a photo here, the app will show you if there‘s a matching preset found.

This feature is intended for those who already own preset packs.

Presets you upload to Pixel Peeper are never shared with other users. They are available for your eyes only.

Preset finder is available for Premium accounts only.
Upload instructions screenshot

Upload instructions

  1. Open Lightroom
  2. Select "Develop" module
  3. Right-click on a selected preset ("Presets" section on the left)
  4. Click "Show in Finder" (or "Show in Explorer" on Windows)
  5. Drag selected presets (xmp or .lrtemplate files) onto the area on the left

That‘s it! Next time you check an image, Preset Finder will do its magic.