Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

I'm trying different JPG files, but it doesn't work. Why?

PixelPeeper is an Exif Data and XMP viewer. It uses metadata embedded in JPG files to obtain camera settings and Lightroom adjustments.

If this kind of metadata is not present in the file, you won't see any results. Many photographers choose not to include it. Some websites (e.g., Facebook and Instagram) remove all metadata from their photos.

See also: How to Find Photos with EXIF data.

Where do I find an example image with metadata, so I can see how it works?
Will it work for Instagram photos?

No. Instagram removes all metadata from photos.

But you can try this: How to Get Metadata for Instagram Photos.

Does it work with Photoshop? Or any other editing software?

PixelPeeper works with any JPG file that has EXIF and XMP metadata included. However, you'll be able to visualize edits only for files exported with Adobe Lightroom.

I don't want my photos to include these settings. What should I do?
In Lightroom, you can remove the metadata on export to JPG ("Remove All Metadata" option), or use a plugin called Metadata Wrangler to selectively strip certain parts of this information.
Can I share the settings of a photo I just checked?

Yes, every image you check here gets a unique URL. Simply copy the URL and share it.

Are my local files uploaded to the server?

Yes, if you select a local file, we'll create a low-resolution version of it in the browser and then upload it to the server for processing. The extracted metadata and the file itself will be stored on our servers. It will not be publicly available, unless you share the link to it.

In an older version of the site (before January 15th, 2024), your local files were not uploaded to our servers. Metadata was checked in the browser, using JavaScript and only the metadata was posted to and stored on our servers.

Why does my photo appear on this site?

If you're seeing your photo on this site, it's because someone used PixelPeeper to check the metadata (EXIF/Lightroom edits) and uploaded it to the site.

Photos uploaded to PixelPeeper are not listed publicly, but anyone with the link can view it.

If you'd like to remove your photos from this site, email us at [email protected]. Be sure to include the link to the photo.

Lightroom Presets

Why doesn't the downloaded preset contain all settings?

The default option doesn't include settings like White Balance, Exposure, Sharpening, Lens Corrections. PixelPeeper presets are intended to be generic and those settings are often specific to the photo. If you need these settings, you have the option to download an "extended" preset file.

If you want all setting, including masks, corrections etc., you can download the "Full XMP Settings" preset. Please note that this version of the preset can't always be imported correctly into Lightroom. It's often because such presets contain settings that depend on 3rd party plugins or looks installed on your computer.

The preset doesn't give me the same look... Why?

Presets downloaded from PixelPeeper won't always give you the exact same look like the original. The look of a photo depends on many factors, including the camera model, lens, exposure, white balance etc. You will always have to adjust the settings based on the photo you're working with.

However, if there's a noticeable difference in colors and tone, it's very likely due to the Look or Camera Profile. Looks are special types of effects that aren't based on sliders and Tone Curve. They can't be exported in a preset file. These files have to be installed on your computer separately.

Examples of such looks are film emulation packs, like The Archetype Process, or camera color profiles, e.g. Fuji Classic Chrome. PixelPeeper will show you the name of the look, but it won't include them in the preset by default. Use the "Full XMP Settings" preset version if you have the looks installed on your computer — otherwise Lightroom won't be able to import the preset file.

Do PixelPeeper presets include Camera Profiles?

Presets downloaded from PixelPeeper include only the name of the camera profile. The actual camera profile is not embedded in JPG.

Camera profile is a binary file that has to be installed in Lightroom independently — and PixelPeeper can't do that.

Same goes for Looks and other 3rd party plugins.

I don't own any Lightroom presets, can I use Preset Finder?

Sorry, no. The Preset Finder feature is intended for those who already purchased (or created their own) preset packs. You have to upload presets from your computer to make them available for Preset Finder.

It's implemented like this, because I don't want to discourage people from buying certain presets, simply because they can copy the settings from this site.

Premium accounts

I have an account, but I can't log in.

The most common causes are:

1. You're not using the email you signed up with. If you get the "Unknown email" error, the email you're entering is not the one you used to created the account.

2. Emails from PixelPeeper go to Spam. Check your spam folder and add '[email protected]' to whitelisted contacts. The specifics of how to do that will depend on your email provider.

3. Your browser is outdated. Make sure you're using the latest version of your browser. Supported browsers are: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. If you're using Internet Explorer, the site won't work for you.

If the tips above didn't fix the problem and you still can't log in, email me.

I paid for a premium account but I still don't see settings. Why?

You do not need a paid account to be able to see whether a photo has metadata or not. The free version will show you that.

Only pay for the account if the site already works for you and you want the extra features.

How do I get a refund?

Premium Account fees are fully refundable for 3 days following signup. No need to give any reasons or explanations. If you're not happy, just send me an email with "Refund" in the subject, and I'll send your money back as soon as possible (although it takes 3-5 days for refunds to be processed by the payment provider).

Will my annual account renew automatically?

No. There are no auto renewals. If you'd like to continue using the app after your account expires, you'll have to renew it manually.


I've noticed a bug. How can I report it?

Email me the details, including a screenshot and information about the OS and the browser you're using.

Please include as much information as possible (e.g., link to the photo, or the JPG file) to make it easier to find the issue.

What happened to (the old) PixelPeeper?

This site was first registered as in mid-2017. At the time, was a photo search website that "let you check sample photos at 100% zoom from any camera and lens" , originally started in 2006.

At one point in 2021 the original disappeared from the Internet and it didn't seem like it was coming back. After a while, I decided to reach out to the owner and ask him if he'd be willing to sell the domain to me.

He was kind enough to let me take over the domain and in mid-July 2022 this site moved from to The original is no longer available, but you can view the archived version here .