Lightroom Mobile Presets - Download DNG

PixelPeeper allows you to download settings in the DNG format. You can import it to Lightroom for mobile and use it as a preset.

How to Install DNG Presets

1. Download DNG file from PixelPeeper

Download preset - screenshot

2. Import DNG file to your mobile device

Next, you‘ll need to put the file on your phone/tablet. There are a few ways to do it:

  • download it directly from on your mobile device and save to files
  • use a Dropbox folder
  • on iOS, you can use iCloud Drive

3. Open Lightroom on your phone and import DNG

Find the DNG file and import it to Lightroom:

Find dng fileSelect DNG file

4. Create a preset from DNG file

Open the DNG file and create a preset from it:

Tap dng fileSelect DNG fileSelect DNG file

Save preset by tapping on the check-mark icon in the upper right-hand corner.

5. Apply preset to your own photos

You can now delete the DNG file.

Preset is now saved in Lightroom, so you can open your own photos and apply settings:

Find presetApply preset

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep in mind that the dummy DNG file will always look the same: it's just a hack to transfer presets to Lightroom mobile, until Adobe adds support for XMP file format.

Because of that, you may want to avoid importing multiple presets at once, because it will be hard to differentiate between them.