Wedding Presets

Lightroom presets and sample photos with EXIF data for wedding photography. Click on any of them to view camera settings, edits and download Lightroom presets.

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Wedding presets for Lightroom (2022)

As a wedding photographer, you’re well aware that editing is a crucial aspect of how customers perceive your brand. Presets can be a great starting point. Not only will they help you save time when going through hundreds of photos from an event, but they will also give your images a consistent look.

Whether you’ve already established your own editing style or you’re just starting out as a wedding photographer, the best way to improve your skills is to learn some tricks from the photographers you admire.

To help you get inspired and stay on top of current trends, we’ve collected 2715 examples of wedding photos from around the web. The images you see here have complete camera settings and Lightroom edits you can download as presets (XMP for desktop or DNG for mobile). Images are submitted by our users and they reflect the current interests and trends. You’ll find a variety of different looks and aesthetics (film, desaturated, vibrant, black and white) and types of wedding photography (elopement, destination, urban etc.).

If the examples below aren’t enough, remember that PixelPeeper allows you to check edits and camera settings for any photo, as long as EXIF data is there.

About PixelPeeper Wedding Presets

We currently have 2715 example Lightroom presets for Wedding Photography, with complete EXIF data (camera settings) and Lightroom edits. Latest photo was submitted about 14 hours ago. Latest photo was submitted about 14 hours ago. Newest photo was taken in November 2022, oldest in January 2000. Photos you see here are submitted by our users, via the “Check via URL” feature.

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