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Place a classified ad

Why should I sell my equipment on pixel peeper?

  • Because it's free to try! Each PP user receives 2 free sale credits.
  • Because of a low risk of fraud! You can decide to only make direct sales to photographers in your local area or you may also offer the option of shipping. Buyers and sellers have a rating based on previous transactions and on their flickr account (we check how long the account exists, how popular the photographer's best photos are, etc.).
  • Potential buyers will be more likely to trust you because they'll be able to check your ratings, see your flickr account and, what's most important, see full-size photos made with the equipment being sold.
  • Because PP is very popular! With millions of pageviews per month your listing will reach a huge number of other photographers who come to PP to find high quality equipment to purchase.
  • Because you don't risk anything! If you make a sale through a different channel, simply unpublish your offer. You don't need to commit to a sale through PP as you would with auction sites.


Each Pixel peeper user receives 2 sale credits free of charge. After these credits are used up, you will need to purchase additional credits. Each credit allows you to post one classified ad running no more than one month. You will need to place a new ad if you wish to extend beyond the initial month. You cannot change the ad parameters such as price or description while the ad is published. Each add must include at least one full-size photo made with the equipment being sold and must include at least one photo showing the equipment. Both photos must be uploaded to your flickr account.

We decline all responsibility related to the classified ads. We provide tools to help you find honest buyers and sellers but after establishing contact with the buyer or seller, both parties take full responsibility for the potential transaction.

Place a classified ad

In order to place a classified ad, you need to log in using one of the following account types: pixel peeper, facebook or OpenID (google, yahoo etc.). If you don't yet have an account, you can also sign up. After logging in, you will need to connect your pixel peeper account to your flickr account where the ad photos will need to be uploaded. All this is done in the My PP area.